Asset Finance Repayment Calculator

Our easy-to-use calculator will help give you an indication as to how much your monthly payments would be for a UDC loan. Please note, the minimum loan amount is $10,000.



This calculator is intended for business lending purposes. This information is provided for illustration purposes only and the results are based on the accuracy of information provided. Any calculations made by this calculator are intended to be used as a guide only and must not be relied on by any reason as conclusive. It does not constitute a quote. As this is only a guide, it is suggested that you contact your local sales representative to obtain a more accurate quote. Any approved loan will be provided by UDC Finance Limited. Lending criteria, terms, conditions and fees will apply to any loan. RV Mega and UDC will not store the information provided in this calculator. RV Mega and UDC do not accept any responsibility for any loss, costs, or liability directly or indirectly incurred by persons who rely on any amount calculated by this calculator.