Important Documents

The information provided on this website along with the following documents will help you decide whether you want to invest with UDC. It is also recommended that you seek advice from a financial adviser to help you make an investment decision.

Product Disclosure Statement

A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) provides a summary of important information to help you decide if UDC Secured Investments are right for you. The information provided in a PDS is general in nature and does not take into consideration your particular needs, circumstances or objectives.
» UDC Product Disclosure Statement (pdf)

UDC Investments

» 31 March 2019 UDC Interim Financial Statements
» Full Financial Statements 2018
» Full Financial Statements 2017
» Full Financial Statements 2016

Trust Deed

» Trust Deed
» Amendment to the Trust Deed Document 21 June 2017
» Meeting of Holders document referred to in the Amendment to the Trust Deed

Other Important Documents

» ANZ Equivalent Products Terms and Conditions

Event Based Disclosure Statements

» Event Based Disclosure Statement 22 June 2017