Using APLYiD

We use APLYiD to verify your identity and your identification documents. With APLYiD this process can be completed online in under 5 minutes. All you need to complete these checks are your mobile phone and a valid form of ID (New Zealand Passport or New Zealand Drivers licence). If you do not have these documents we can manually verify your identity through other methods.

You will receive an SMS containing a link to complete our identity checks through APLYiD, on the phone number you supply as part of your application.

APLYiD’s Privacy Policy is available on its website

Using Bud

We use Bud to verify your income and expenses. Due to recent changes in consumer lending laws, UDC needs to verify your income and expenses which means that you need to provide us with 90 days of bank statements for all accounts you transact with, including credit cards.

We have partnered with Bud to help you provide us this information via our UDC Affordability Classification Tool (the Online Tool). You can either login to your online banking or upload your pdf bank statements simply and securely using the tool.

When the Online Tool is used, the transaction details from your statements are collated and categorised into ‘buckets’ (e.g. income, rent, utilities, living expenses etc) then sent to UDC so that UDC can assess and verify your income and expenses, where required.

Our website has guidelines on how to use the Online Tool, including tips for uploading your statements and common errors.

You will receive a unique link to to complete our income and expense verification through the Online Tool, at the email address you supply as part of your application.



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